Equipment Brokerage

Sourcing equipment

We are a company that industry big and small, agriculture, cattle stations and private individuals can contact if they are looking for new and used equipment of any sort. We will do our very best to find a company or companies that can provide the item or service you’re requiring.

Selling equipment

We can also try and find a home for your unwanted equipment by listing it on our website, sharing on social media, and working with our local contacts in your region. This service isn’t just for small business and individuals, we are experienced at offloading old equipment from large contracts involving multi-national companies.

Our process

  • Once you’ve got in touch we get to work locating potential buyers/sellers for your item. As we have a large network of contacts in a lot of different areas, we also operate through social media to be able to reach a very large audience.

We've Previously Worked With
BHP Billiton
BHP Mitsubishi Alliance
Landmark Agriculture
Mount Isa Mines