Our team can do the bidding and negotiations on your behalf, we can also do the leg work with the finance brokers. your time is money

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Examples of consultant’s tasks include:

  • providing advice on equipment condition
  • carrying out research on market pricing on like equipment with proof
  • We will endeavor to find out the service history of the equipment
  • We will endeavor to find out what industry the equipment has been working in to ascertain if the machine has had a hard past life.
  •  value for money, being the benefits achieved compared to the whole-of-life costs (eg. price, quality, reliability, service, delivery, payment terms, strategic suppliers);
  • Develop Request For Quotation (on behalf of the client)
  • Invite and Receive Quotations (on behalf of the client)
  • Evaluate Response and Select Supplier (on behalf of the client)
  • Obtain Approval and Award Order (on behalf of the client)
  • Supplier Performance Management (on behalf of the client)
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